Our services:

  • Market research
  • Inspection of goods
  • Organizing business and private trips
  • Business and investment consulting
  • Setting up a company in China and Hong Kong
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Business correspondence
  • Trade management
  • Company representation
  • Representation at exhibitions
  • Company inspection
  • Market Research


We search for the required products in China based on a sample, description or photo.
We discuss the prices with the supplier. We send you a quotation with photos about the products that are the most suitable for your needs.

If you decide to order, it is worth combining it with a company inspection. This involves the checking of the company papers, the evaluation of the supplier and also taking photos of the production.


If you are planning to sell your products in China, you will need our assistance. We can check the price of similar products here, the certificates and permits you need for sales and also find you potential clients.

Inspection of goods

Whether it is your first or regular order, in China it is crucial that you inspect the goods during production and loading. If you only discover the problems when the goods are already in your country, you will have a hard time using the guarantee. It is easier and more effective if you find the problems during manufacturing and loading. Problems can arise due to a simple misunderstanding about the product, or the not satisfactory packaging and loading. We check the production process and the container based on your instructions. If we find a problem, we inform you and ensure the required handling of the matter and the professional loading.

Organizing business and private trips

In case of business trips we organize the business meetings and ensure the Chinese translation. We can help you getting a visa, booking airplane tickets and accommodation, renting a car at a reasonable price.
If you would like to visit China as a tourist, we can organize your accommodation and transport based on your itinerary; we can also provide a guide, not only to the usual tourist destinations but according to your wish.

Business and investment consulting

If you don’t have a concrete plan but you are interested in Chinese business possibilities, please contact us. Our experienced team tries to answer all your questions.

Setting up a company in China and Hong Kong

If you are already doing business with China or you are interested in investing in the Far-East and consider setting up a company, you can do it easily with our assistance. Having a Chinese or a Hong Kong company helps a lot with the financial and administrative tasks. Establishing a company is simpler than it seems.


We speak fluent English, Chinese and Hungarian; we can do reliable translation in any of the languages.

Business Correspondence

We ensure the effective business communication between the buyer and the supplier.

Trade management

We manage the purchasing of your required product from the market research to the loading, including the price discussions and the business correspondence.

Company representation

If you have regular orders from China, the most cost effective is having your company represented by us. Company representation means constant contact with you and the supplier, and the regular inspection of goods. For a fixed monthly fee we represent your interest everyday.

Representation at exhibitions

A business trip to China is quite expensive (airplane tickets, accommodation, and domestic travel). If your goal to visit an exhibition is to get catalogues and contact information, it is easier and cheaper if we do it for you. Company management is rarely present at exhibitions; the common practice is to send freshly graduated colleagues there who speak some English. For getting the first contacts it is simpler and more cost effective employing us.

Company inspection

Unfortunately, it is quite general that the companies who advertise on the internet are traders, not manufacturers or a simple fraud. Before spending money on an order, we check it for you if the company in question really exists.